About the Coffee
4/03/2021 - Joel Lewis

What do we know?  Well not a huge amount to be honest. I am a single man team and an amateur coffee enthusiast. I work at Starbucks part time because they offer amazing benefits. You will see a lot of the coffee I review is from Starbucks (because money is super tight right now). If you want me to try something different shoot me an email and I would LOVE to review your favorite beans.

Other than the dubious credentials of my Starbucks employment I do hang around r/coffee on reddit and do love to brew and drink any coffee I can get my hands on.

How are we making Calculations?  The site starts with the total number of ounces in the size you select. We then start calculating out the total fluid oz of each and every item you add. Each of these items is tracked in our database in association with its caloric value. We then determine the amount of "milk" that is being added and calculate the calories for it. At the end we should have a fairly accurate view of the total caloric content of your unique individual creation. We have also modeled our drink builder to match the ordering process at the stores we have options for. This makes it much easier for the barista to enter the drink into their point of sale system when you order.

Want to talk?  Right now the best way to reach us is via email. If you have questions, comments, or even suggestions for the site, click the button below to send us an email.
About the Site
4/03/2021 - Joel Lewis

Site Technology:    LatteCalories.com is developed using the Amazon Web Service (AWS) "free" stack. This allows us to host the website in a scalable fashion without any out of pocket costs. The site itself is built in Vue using the amazingly simple and elegant Vuetifyjs design framework. We are using S3 to host the static assets for the site and CloudFront as our CDN. For the backend we are using the AWS API gateway, Lambda functions, and Dynamo DB. We are using Route 53 for our DNS, and the only item we have paid for to date is our domain name.

We are also leveraging some additional free tier services to make the site and business a little easier including:

MailJet -  to handle newsletter lists as well as transactional emails.
Zoho Business Email -  Zoho offers free business email for up to 5 users! This hosted solution does have limitations such as only being able to use Zoho apps, but for a team of 1-5 the price is sure right.

About Me : I am an independent developer who enjoys learning new technology and working on the full stack of an application. I created LatteCalories.com from the ground up in my free time, so if you notice anything wrong please let me know by clicking here.

If you are looking for an independent developer to work on your small to medium sized project please reach out by sending me an email. I do have other resources I can pull together and experience leading remote teams.

Want to help? You can support us on Patreon, or if you are a developer of any skill level we could always use your help (Though at this point the site does not generate revenue, so compensation is not possible).

Disclaimers : LatteCalories.com is not associated with Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or any other coffee shop, roaster, or retailer in any way shape or form. We may use affiliate links for products and services linked on this site.